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2024 Honda Pioneer 700-4 Forest

2024 Honda Pioneer 700-4 Forest

Starting at $16,999.00


2024 Pioneer 700-4
Four-stroke, OHV; four valves per cylinder
Automotive-style automatic transmission with hydraulic torque co
2024 Honda Pioneer 700-4 Forest


The biggest difference between our Honda Pioneer 700 and the Pioneer 700-4? The 700-4 features our exclusive in-bed QuickFlip® seating. It lets you carry two passengers safely in the bed, and when you don’t need the seats they fold flat for a tilt bed that’s super versatile. And for 2024 the Pioneer 700-4 even comes in three great trim levels: our “standard” model (if you can call a SxS with this many features “standard”), the Pioneer 700-4 Deluxe (with Electric Power Steering, paddle shifters, aluminum wheels, bed lights, and a 12-volt accessory outlet) and our Pioneer 700-4 Forest edition (with a pre-installed Warn VRX45 Winch, Electric Power Steering, paddle shifters, aluminum wheels, more under-dash storage, and much more). All three feature tilt beds and the same 675cc engine. Don’t need the extra passenger seating?



  • TILITNG STEERING WHEEL: Standard on all Pioneer 700-4 models, adding a tilt feature to the steering wheel makes getting in and out a lot easier. The instrument pod tilts with the wheel, too.
  • CONTOURED BENCH SEAT: One of the most-used components of the Pioneer 700-4 is the bench seat itself. So we gave it a durable covering that can withstand the frequent entry and exit of passengers, and the elements.
  • INDEPENDENT DOUBLE-WISHBONE FRONT SUSPENSION: Just like our rear suspension, the independent double-wishbone front suspension features dual-rate springs for smooth riding, superior handling and all-day comfort. And with 7.9-inches of travel, you can navigate the kind of rocky, rutted and uneven territory other side-by-sides can’t.
  • ADJUSTABLE PRELOAD REAR SHOCKS: You don’t want to compromise on handling, particularly when hauling heavy loads—and with our preload rear shocks, you don’t have to. The fully-independent rear suspension features a dual-rate spring and boasts 9.1-inches of travel. So even when loaded to the max, you’re assured predictable handling performance.


  • AT/MT MODE AND PADDLE SHIFTERS: With the Honda Pioneer 700-4 Forest, you can let the automatic transmission shift for you, or you can take charge and choose which gear you want for yourself via the steering column mounted paddle shifters—you can even shift from auto to manual (AT to MT) on the fly!
  • HONDA AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION: A vehicle this versatile demands a transmission that’s ready for anything, as well as our famous Honda reliability. With a heavy-duty torque converter and three hydraulic clutches, you get smooth shifts, a steady stream of power, and engine braking. Meanwhile, the two-stage shift map further optimizes power and torque delivery, even at higher RPM ranges.


  • ELECTRIC POWER STEERING (EPS): Our Honda Electric Power Steering has always been a groundbreaking innovation, especially with its next-generation brushless motor, and return-to-center function.


  • RUGGED 675CC LIQUID-COOLED ENGINE: Power to go further, and to keep on going. That’s what the 675cc four-stroke single delivers. Rubber-mounted for less cabin vibration. Fuel-injected for reliable starts and performance in inclement weather. And proven reliability for hunting down thrill after thrill.
  • 1,000-POUND BED CAPACITY: In many ways, this isn’t just a side-by-side. It’s a solution. Take the cargo bed—the 1,000-pound capacity is among the tops in the industry, and it’s made of a strong, durable construction. That means more cargo in fewer trips, saving you time. Now that’s smart.
  • 1,500-POUND TOWING CAPACITY: Sometimes you need to tow things. Like, up to 1,500 pounds of things. So we gave the Pioneer 700-4 a robust three-quarter-ton towing capacity—strong enough to handle some of those jobs you’d normally use a tractor for.


  • DISC BRAKES: Mud, turf, gravel – you can handle every bit of it with confidence and still stop with confidence. Our triple-disc brakes feature a patented scraper system that helps prevent debris buildup between caliper and rim. With 200mm discs in the front, and lighter, 170mm inboard-mounted disc in the rear deliver stellar stopping power.
  • DRIVER / PASSENGER PROTECTION: Staying safe is essential, both at work and when having fun. That’s why the Pioneer 700-4 is equipped with an Occupant Protection Structure, using large-diameter tubing and meeting the ISO rollover protection standard. Plus, last year we increased the tubing thickness to make it even stronger, and gave the structure new hip bars to make getting in and out easier. In the cabin, integrated handrails, recessed top tubes and automotive-style three-point seatbelts with emergency locking retractors help keep passengers securely in place.


  • INSTRUMENT DISPLAY: Our Pioneer 700-4’s instrument display features an LCD screen that’s twice the size of the previous unit with larger text so it’s easier to read. It also has a Trip B function as well as a battery-voltage readout and a tachometer array. The whole unit tilts along with our tilt wheel, too.
  • BIGGER CUPHOLDERS: The 700-4 model feature upsized cup holders that are big enough to hold the most popular insulated tumblers. It’s a convenient touch everyone will appreciate.
  • EXCLUSIVE PIONEER 700-4 FOREST EDITION: Basically, we take our Pioneer 700-4 Deluxe and trick it out with some of your favorite Honda accessories: a Warn VRX45 Winch, underdash storage, and a larger front bumper, all pre-installed at the factory. A second 12-volt outlet in the bed is perfect for chores, or when you’re hunting, fishing or camping. And to make it even better, the Forest Edition gets a special Honda Phantom Camo® color scheme.
  • 37.5-WATT HEADLIGHT: Whether you’re up for work before sunrise or heading home late after a day on the trails, the Pioneer 700-4’s headlights will light your way. 37.5 watts and single filament, they have an excellent balance and light distribution, so you don't have to deal with dark zones or uneven light patterns.
  • BED LIGHTS AND 12-VOLT OUTLET: Work or fun doesn’t wait until the sun comes up or stop when the sun goes down—that’s why we’ve equipped the 2024 Pioneer 700-4 Forest with a pair of lights that illuminate the cargo bed. There’s also a 12-volt outlet now that lets you run accessories like an air compressor, 110-volt inverter, work light, and more.
  • 450-WATT POWER CAPACITY: Every component on the Pioneer 700-4 is engineered to perform at the highest level. The alternator is no different—with 450-watts, it has plenty of power for everyday use and has enough left over for accessories that help you work easier, like winches, light bars and more. Always consult accessory instructions for specific power requirements.
  • PRE-WIRED FOR ACCESSORIES: We’ve made it easier than ever to add accessories like lights, a winch and more, with a special wiring harness along with a dash that features blanks for your switches front and center. Our optional accessory bus bar gives you even more possibilities.
  • A VARIETY OF COLOR CHOICES: Some hunters and outdoorsmen are going to go straight for the Pioneer 700-4 Forest in Honda Phantom Camo®. The Pioneer 700-4 Deluxe comes in Avenger Red, along with Krypton Green, while the Pioneer 700-4 is available in Avenger Red, Black Forest Green, and Sandstone Beige.
  • DOUBLE-LATCH DOORS: Knowing you’re driving a side-by-side built with safety in mind makes the adventure that much more fun. Our hard doors feature a double latching system designed after our autos. They work together with our roll-up side nets, helping to keep the elements outside and you secure inside.
  • GLOVEBOX: All our Pioneer 700-4 models for 2024 feature generous dash storage and a secure cargo net. In the cabin, a convenient 9.6-liter glovebox holds your essentials and keeps them dry. The water-resistant glovebox door helps prevent the elements from getting inside, while the in-dash design provides good storage space, without compromising on passenger legroom.
  • TILT BED: With the cargo bed’s large capacity and durable construction, we’ve made hauling heavy loads easy. So it makes sense that we’d make dumping the load easy, too. Thanks to the smartly-designed hydraulic assist strut, you can tilt the bed and dump the cargo, even with one person.
  • WARN VRX45 WINCH: Standard equipment on our Pioneer 700-4 Forest model, this pre-installed Warn winch is one of our most popular accessories ever. And it's sure to be even more popular after you use it to pull your buddy's stuck side-by-side out of a mudhole!
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