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2023 Honda Talon 1000XS Base

2023 Honda Talon 1000XS Base

Starting at $20,099.00


2023 Talon 1000XS
Longitudinally mounted parallel-twin four-stroke
Six-speed automatic Dual-Clutch Transmission (DCT) with high/low
2023 Honda Talon 1000XS Base




Sport side-by-sides need power, and you’re sure to find that the Talon 1000XS offers plenty of it. The Talon 1000XS’ 999cc liquid-cooled inline twin delivers the kind of powerful torque and quick-revving horsepower you’d expect from a flagship sport model, but is equally responsive in lower revs and in the critical midrange too. Set longitudinally in the chassis and managed by our sophisticated PGM-FI engine-mapping system, it delivers the kind of refinement no other side-by-side can match.

Unicam Cylinder Head Design

The Talon 1000XS’s 999cc liquid-cooled inline twin uses the same proven Unicam®?cylinder head design found in our championship-winning CRF450R motocrosser. That helps make the engine more compact, which lets us position it for optimal weight distribution and ground clearance.


Chassis Dimensions

The Talon 1000XS’s 87.6-inch wheelbase contributes to this sport side-by-side’s tracking, and also gives you a super-smooth ride. At 64 inches wide and shorter than the Talon 1000RS, the Talon 1000XS places an emphasis on quick handling and maneuverability.


Automatic Six-Speed Dct Transmission

The convenience of an automatic with the strength, control, and efficiency of a manual, our Honda gear-driven DCT lets you drive the way you want. Choose between manual mode or fully automatic. Plus, the addition of Sport Mode increases the fun, shifting at higher RPMs for a spirited, full-performance driving experience. DCT puts you in control as to what engine speed you want, and what gear ratio. Or you can let it do all the thinking for you. In addition, you also get genuine engine braking and more efficient power delivery than a belt-driven CVT.


The Talon 1000XS showcases the second generation of our exclusive i-4WD system, specifically tuned to respond quicker and capable of delivering even more drive force. Think “i” for “intelligent,” because that’s exactly what it is. An industry-first brake-traction control system for side-by-sides, it simplifies operation, increases drivability and optimizes available traction. Based on proven, advanced technology from our automotive division, you get the benefits associated with a locked front differential with none of the downsides. That means it helps maintain front-wheel traction even if one wheel wants to spin on ice or mud or if it’s in a hole. But at the same time, you get the lighter steering, better tracking at high speeds, tighter turning radius, and reduced kickback associated with unlocked front differentials. Special software tunes the i-4WD system for sport use.


Driver/Passenger Protection

The Talon 1000XS’ Occupant Protection Structure uses large-diameter tubing, and meets ISO’s rollover protection standard. The standard-equipment hard doors and quick-clip side nets help keep debris from entering the cabin. Auto-style three-point seatbelts are equipped with an emergency locking retractor mechanism, to help optimize passenger security. (The Talon 1000XS’ seats are also four-point compatible for competition use.)

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