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2023 Honda Pioneer 520 Base

2023 Honda Pioneer 520 Base

Starting at $9,999.00


2023 Pioneer 520
Five-speed automatic with AT / MT modes with paddle shifting and
2023 Honda Pioneer 520 Base



The Pioneer 520 is the side-by-side that you’ll always want to keep close at hand. Its versatility comes from its wide set of features. Like a 50-inch width that allows it to access trails other side-by-sides can’t. The compact size means it can fit in most full-sized pickup beds. And the powerful 518cc engine delivers plenty of performance, along with our famous reliability. There’s seating for two along with a strut-assist tilt/dump utility bed and 1000-pound towing capacity. Choose from a wide range of features, like selectable two-or four-wheel drive, and configure your Pioneer 520 to fit your needs.




  • SIDE-BY-SIDE SEATING: With a comfortable bench-style seat, individual backrests and seatbelts for both rider and passenger, the Pioneer 520 offers side-by-side comfort and excellent maneuverability.
  • SMOOTH SHIFTING: To complement the Pioneer 520’s purpose-built engine, we’ve matched it with special transmission shift mapping. You’ll see how the shifts are smooth and the torque keeps flowing seamlessly, thanks to the special clutch-engagement specs. All in all it adds up to a better ride for you.


  • AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION WITH AT/MT MODE: You can let the Honda Pioneer 520’s automatic transmission shift for you, or you can still shift yourself with its paddle shifters. You can even shift from auto to manual (AT to MT) on the fly!


  • COMPACT 50-INCH WIDTH AND TRAXLOK 2WD/4WD: The Pioneer 520’s 50-inch overall width is a huge bonus, whether it’s for width-restricted trails or convenient transportation and storage (it fits into the bed of most full-sized pickups). Plus, our rock-solid TraxLok system lets you choose either 2WD or 4WD, giving you the freedom to choose between lighter steering (in 2WD) and maximizing available traction (in 4WD) when you need it most.
  • DUAL-RATE SPRINGS: A spring is a spring, right? Sure, all springs may look alike, but the Pioneer 520 features dual-rate springs, and after one ride you’ll feel the difference. You get a smoother ride over smaller bumps with more bottoming resistance on bigger bumps, along with a more confident steering feel.
  • PLUSH RIDE: With generous amounts of suspension travel and ground clearance the Pioneer 520 can negotiate rough trails with ease. Plus, we’ve tuned the suspension to give you a smooth, plush ride around the farm.
  • INDEPENDENT REAR SUSPENSION (IRS): The Pioneer 520’s fully independent rear suspension means you get a smooth ride, especially over rough terrain.
  • PADDLE SHIFTERS: If you want to shift manually, simply upshift and downshift without ever having to take your hands off the wheel. You get to choose the exact gear you want, and it’s engineered for precise, smooth shifts.
  • STRONG GEARBOX: Unlike the belt-drive automatics out there, the Pioneer 520 features an AT/MT mode transmission that uses rugged, steel gears. You get true compression braking for superior controllability (especially when descending hills), as well as long transmission life.
  • POWERFUL FRONT AND REAR DISC BRAKES: Disc brakes just make sense on a modern side-by-side, and that’s exactly why the Pioneer 520 features them front and rear. They stop better, run cooler, are easier to maintain and are less susceptible to debris.


  • POWERFUL 518CC ENGINE: With an engine that’s both bigger and more powerful than our Pioneer 500’s, the Pioneer 520 also features electronic fuel injection for effortless cold-weather and high-altitude operation. The engine is specially tuned for low-rpm torque, too. Coupled with an efficient five-speed automatic transmission, you’ll have plenty of pulling power.
  • 1000-POUND TOWING CAPACITY: The Pioneer 520 has a heavy-duty receiver-style hitch and 1000-pound towing capacity.
  • CLOSED-LOOP FUEL INJECTION: Better cold-weather and high-altitude running, effortless startups, great fuel efficiency and less pollution—that’s what the Pioneer 520’s “closed loop” fuel-injection system means for you. And that’s what we call a win/win situation.
  • LIQUID COOLING: Our time-tested Honda engine is liquid-cooled, which provides more consistent operating temperatures and more power than a comparable air-cooled motor. This adds up to better performance and longer engine life.
  • LONGITUDINAL ENGINE MOUNTING: The Pioneer 520 is built around our strong, single-cylinder, 518cc longitudinal engine. By orienting the crankshaft front to back in the chassis, we route the flow of power straight to the wheels without any right-angle detours, reducing powertrain friction and putting more grunt to the ground.
  • SEMI-DRY-SUMP ENGINE: Compact and lighter weight, the Pioneer 520’s overhead-valve, semi-dry-sump design creates an engine that's not only shorter from top to bottom, but one that enhances handling with a low center of gravity and favorable ground clearance.


  • DRIVER/PASSENGER PROTECTION: The Pioneer 520 is loaded with features to help provide a feeling of security for the driver and passenger. The Occupant Protection Structure uses large-diameter tubing, and meets ISO’s rollover protection standard. It also includes integrated handholds, recessed top tubes and a more spacious structure to enhance protection. Hard doors and side nets help provide a secure feel and keep mud and debris out of the cabin, while automotive-style three-point seat belts with an Emergency Locking Retractor mechanism help keep everyone secure.
  • SINGLE-FUNCTION DOOR/NET: The Pioneer 520 comes standard with doors, and the occupant net is directly attached—just unlock and open the door, and the net automatically swings aside making entry and exit easier.


  • TILT/DUMP BED: The Pioneer 520 features a super-convenient tilt/dump bed. Measuring 38.7 inches wide, 25.9 inches long and 9.8 inches high, it can carry up to 450 pounds. An assist strut makes dumping easy, the tailgate opens flat, and the inside of the bed is set up for plywood dividers, or to hold milk crates or plastic buckets. It also accommodates our line of Honda Pro-Connect™ system accessories.
  • TOWING AND HAULING: Big job? Smaller jobs? Bring ‘em on! When it comes to earning its keep, the Pioneer 520 is a huge value, thanks to its 450-pound bed capacity, 1000-pound towing capacity, and TraxLok 2WD/4WD system.
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